Amaretto Cuneese

A praline made by extrusion as tradition demands, in the Amaretto variant.


Dark chocolate (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifiers: soy lecithin and sunflower, natural vanilla flavoring, cocoa min. 50%), amaretto alcohol flavour 10%, semi-skimmed milk, inverted sugar, sugar, dextrose, eggs, water, wheat flour.

May contain traces of:
Hazelnuts, Pistachio Nuts and Almonds.

Origin of the ingredients:
UE and NON-UE.

Nutrition declaration (100g)

Energy 2050 Kj 
490 Kcal
Fatof which saturated fatty acids 24 g
15 g
Carbohydrateof which sugars 60 g
45 g
Protein 4,8 g
Fibre 6,2 g
Salt 0,19 g

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